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Abrusia & Associates focuses on finding just the right people
for positions in the Specialty Chemicals, Pharmaceutical,
Cosmetics/Personal Care, and Coatings industries.



Does sorting through a pile of resumes make you shake your head in frustration? The next time you need a critical position in your company filled, what makes more sense? Running an ad and hoping somebody will surface, wasting precious time and money or... Letting us search the country, the globe if necessary, to find the absolute best available candidate that perfectly fits your needs and doing so quickly and efficiently.

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Ready for a new career opportunity? Going nowhere with your present company? Have you been "downsized"? Are you tired of sending countless resumes with zero results? Let us help you accomplish your career goals.

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Tough search? Difficult assignment? Need assistance in finding that perfect candidate? Let's combine our efforts to satisfy our clients needs.

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Title: Sales Accounts (Fine Chemicals/Pharma--Northeast US
Market: Biotech, major pharmaceutical companies
Salary: $130,000.00+%

Title: Director Business Development Product Portfolio - North America
Market: Pharmaceutical
Salary: $140,000.00+%

Title: Manager/Director, Sales & Business Manager
Market: Pharmaceutical/Biotech
Salary: $140,000.00+25%

Title: Director Regulatory Small Molecule
Market: Pharmaceutical
Salary: $230,000.00

Title: Sales Specialist
Market: Major Pharmaceutical Companies
Salary: $140,000.00+%

Title: Marketing Manager
Market: Cosmetics/Industrial
Salary: $145000.00+20%

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